This blog is a place for the young people of Horsham to share their stories.

Please sign our petition to Jeremy Quin, our local MP, to invest in local mental health services.

Please share your thoughts

If you have an idea to share, some words of love and support, or a story to tell, please do get in touch.

Welcome to our blog.

I’ve started it as a place for teenagers like me, or anyone else, to really express our feelings. We spend too much of our time bottling up whatever we feel, scared of the outcome.

Please use this blog as a way to speak whatever you feel.

This is a safe space.

You can use the contact button to write your thoughts to us. You can be anonymous or you can include your name. Nothing will be posted without it being moderated by adults who are experienced in working with sensitive material first of all. They will ensure no-one shares anything that could cause harm.

If you need help now, there are tips and links under the I NEED HELP tab at the top of every page.

Thank you for visiting, and do spread the word. And remember, whatever is going on for you, Horsham Loves You.

Alex W.

Good advice from someone who knows.

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