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Does nature really heal?

There’s scientific evidence that spending time in nature can have a huge effect on your wellbeing.

Imagine being in a forest with your eyes shut.

What sounds can you hear and how do they make you feel?

The sounds of nature can help you to release your stresses and worries. Natural sounds like birdsong, the rustling of leaves or the trickling of water can help restore our minds.

Stress Reduction Theory is a scientific view of how natural environments reduce stress and negative feelings. 

Attention Restoration Theory shows that natural environments distract attention, allowing tired minds to recover.

The scent of flowers have been used for centuries to boost our mood and health. Scientists know that smells affect memory, emotions and our minds in powerful ways.

The touch of nature activates parts of our brain that influence how we feel and respond to the world around us. 

Feeling the soil in our hands and the sun on our face, or gently running our fingers over grasses, can all help us connect with nature.

We are fortunate to live in a town surrounded by fields and forests. Being in green space and absorbing it through our senses measurably increases positive feelings, self-esteem and vitality.

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