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Talking helps

My daughter suffers from social anxiety and had a difficult start to life at college. She didn’t really know anyone there and she was terrified of going. She nearly didn’t make it at all.

I tried to reassure her that she would meet new friends and she would be fine.

We took it day by day and I would drive her in and pick her up as I was able to. This helped her as she knew she didn’t have to walk home on her own.

During lockdown and after we would make sure we went out every day for an hour’s walk, we would talk about anything and everything and each day she would feel a bit stronger about trying something new.

She also has had counselling through YES, which has helped. She also met new friends and they all get on so well.

Now she is much happier in herself, and travels to college herself.

She still has days where she hates the way she looks or her clothes but we just deal with it one thing at a time. It helps to try on a few things, taking into account the weather and being prepared. If all else fails and she doesn’t feel up to going out, that is fine too. At least she tried.

What helps is being around people you trust, whether that is family, friends, teachers. Just talking about how you feel helps. It can’t always be solved in one conversation but it can help lift your mood and feel strong enough to cope.

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